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Paper schedules aren't helping to control results of cleaning?
Employees report their tasks with outdated photos?
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Bruno helps to control the result of cleaning
Forget about paper reports and messengers!
Use "Bruno" to control cleanliness
Control scheduling
Interactive widgets help to assign resources, to spot similar tasks and to make corrections as soon as possible.
Control cleaning
Using identification instruments (such as QR-codes, RFID, iBeacon,GPS) it's impossible to start the working process without workers' presence in an objective area.
Precisive instructions
Application "Bruno" shows the worker where, when and what to do. Tasks provide employees with: description, check list, necessary photos and materials, inventory to use
Time fixation
The system will define and trace on when the employee appears on task objective, when he starts to complete his job and when he completes it
Accurate report
Results can be shown by the worker in the "result" section of the app.
It can be shown as a photo, video, text, audio message. The application does not allow to upload saved images from phone memory storage, so there is only actual result
Get feedback with QR-codes. Any visitor can scan the code and send a photo and message you if he has comments about cleanliness of place
Mobile app for employees
We have developed an application that allows your employees to have tasks assigned directly on their smartphone, see the list of sequential actions, and record the start and end of their work using the built-in QR code scanner or contactless RFID tags
Effective resource
Everything you need for remote employee management and monitoring
Plan and distribute employees across various facilities using a convenient, interactive visualization engine. This tool helps ensure that your staff do no overlap in tasks, time or facilities
Set up a one time or recurring tasks for employees by assigning them to different areas of your facility, where you will place QR codes or contactless RFID tags for monitoring
In the mobile app, the employee will receive a task
with a description of the zone where they need to appear, the time, and a list of specific actions. To get started, it needs to scan a QR code or contactless tag in the designated area
You can track the progress status online.
The system will automatically prioritize facilities that require more immediate attention with a red or yellow status.
Easily access reporting on productivity and completion of individual employees, as well as specific facilities
Get feedback from visitors in your facility
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